Should I Play the Lottery?

There are many of us that play the lottery and it is considered to be quite a normal thing for people to do. Many would not even consider why they should not play it. However, there are things that we should think about with regards to the lottery to make sure that we are really benefitting from playing it.


It is good to start by considering how much you pay on the lottery. Some people will just buy the odd ticket every month or so and there are others that will pay out for tickets every day, including scratch cards. Think about how much you spend each day, week, month and year and then you will be able to start to decide whether you feel that you are getting good value for money. Consider what else you might be able to spend that money on and whether you think that you would rather spend the money on something else. Keep the amount in mind as you think about the other factors in this article.


It is worth considering how much you have won on the lottery. You may have had some small wins, but it is unlikely that you will have had a big win. Although there is always the hope of a big win, it is a good idea to look at the odds of winning. These should be published on the back of a scratch card or the website of the lottery organiser. It is so tempting to think that because someone has to win that one day it will be you. However, if you look and calculate how many tickets you would need to buy to ensure that you won, then you will begin to see why it might be a good idea to stop imagining that you might win, as it is so unlikely that you will. Of course, there will be a chance you will win a small prize, but if it is the jackpot that you are after then this will be very unlikely.


It is worth thinking about how much pleasure you get from the lottery. Consider whether you have fun when you do it and enjoy playing and finding out if you have won or whether you get frustrated with it when you do not win. Sometimes we play due to a habit or because we are desperate for money and see it as a solution. However, we have to think about whether this is a good reason for playing. If it is making us stressed and frustrated and we are spending money and not getting much back then we are not getting much from it then it might be wise to not do the lottery any more. However, if you find it lots of fun, it is a good idea to think about whether you feel that it is worth the money that you pay for it. Think about whether you feel that the fun you have is worth the money that you are paying.


It is a good idea to think about whether there are any alternative ways that you can still have a chance of winning money without paying out like this. You may think there are not, but there are a couple of possibilities. For example, you could buy some premium bonds, where you will be entered in a monthly draw, but you can get your money back whenever you need it. You can also do free lotteries online. These may sound like a con, but they are not as the websites earn money through advertising revenue which they then spend on the prizes that they give away.